CFB Scheduling
by NDGoldenDome (2015-01-15 10:39:36)
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In light of OSU winning the National Championship, I looked into their schedule to see who they played. Their first 'real' football game was a loss against VT(7-6) and then OSU didn't play a legitimate football game till MSU(11-2) 2 months later. Other notable games, in the second half of their schedule, were games against PSU and UM. My point being, OSU was horrible at the beginning of the year but then became a team that destroyed Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship and then rolled through the College Football Playoff. I attribute this to Ohio State having young talent that was able to practice the whole first half of the season along with good coaching and a weak schedule.

I don't want Notre Dame to weaken their schedule and I like having more then 2 legitimate games a year, but should Notre Dame try to learn from OSU? Have one big game at the beginning of the year and then have their tougher games towards the end of the schedule? It seems to work every year for OSU. They have one of the weakest schedules each year but are never penalized and win 10-12 games almost every year. Hopefully the ACC scheduling helps Notre Dame.


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