Even though no one wants to play Navy...
by NDGoldenDome (2015-01-15 13:26:37)
Edited on 2015-01-15 13:35:16

In reply to: Scheduling did not cause our downfall  posted by NDColt

Navy isn't a legitimate team when it comes to strength of schedule. In the first half of Notre Dame's schedule they played three legitimate games. Michigan, Stanford and North Carolina. Now those three teams where not that good this year but when it comes to programs they usually have good teams.

And yes scheduling was part of the downfall. It wasn't a big part but it contributed. When you're playing good programs throughout the year it causes your starters to have to play more snaps increasing the likelihood of injury. ND had a lot of injuries on defense. Their defense was pathetic the second half of the season...

I agree, ND should beat teams like Northwestern. Kelly seems to always have letdown games.