I understand the point he was making
by gadomer (2015-01-15 14:00:14)
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  In reply to: It's your point about QBs that makes no sense  posted by Carroll02

The logic of 'Charlie Strong only won because he had the best QB in college football' is a bit mind-numbing. Bridgewater was the 3rd QB taken in the NFL Draft, behind Bortles and Manziel. He was overshadowed in college by Manziel, Winston, Bryce Petty, Jordan Lynch, McCarron, and Mariota; all of whom received more Heisman votes than Bridgewater.
Thus, the mantra of Bridgewater being the best QB in football is a myth. It can be a personal opinion but it is not 100% factual.

As for my response, it was my intention to compare Saban and Meyer with their 4* and 5* QBs to Charlie and his 4* QB. Let's see ... Tebow is out of the NFL, McElroy is out of the NFL, McCarron is a back-up with the Bengals. That is 5 championships between the 3 QBs. Yet, Meyer and Saban do not come under the same scrutiny as Charlie Strong. To me, that is bullshit, as obviously you need to win championships with more than one player.

Finally, Charlie Strong has paid his dues. He toiled at ND under Lou (as well as the prince of darkness). He was the DC under Lou at South Carolina. He became the DC at Florida under Zook and stayed through the Meyer through all but Meyer's last year. I think that is a great pedigree (well, except for Zook and Davie). Charlie's name would always come up for HC openings, but he always seemed a bridesmaid. There were rumors that he would not get a HC job in the SEC because of his interracial marriage. It is why I thought the Louisville job gave him a chance to show folks he could coach.
When he got the Texas job, some of the moneyed Longhorns thought he was only qualified to be a coordinator. To me, that is code for 'blacks are not qualified to be the HC'. I think it was Red McCombs who made the 'coordinator' comment. It is a shameful comment.

For folks who can not understand the love for Charlie Strong, I can only assume they have not followed his career or make judgments on results. They do not see the tough disciplinarian and a man of principle. I put him on the short list of coaches who actually care about the future of his players. He is not a me-first coach only concerned about the here and now player.

Charlie has a tough road to turn around the Texas program. I am one of fans. If we make a change, I hope Charlie gets exceptional consideration to become the HC at ND. We should root for his success and not wonder why Charlie Strong gets any love.


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