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by oldbender (2015-01-15 15:38:23)
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  In reply to: CFB Scheduling  posted by NDGoldenDome

Talking about scheduling on this site is always a losing proposition. But, in reality, ND hasn't scheduled smartly for years. The Michigan, Michigan-State back to back games was an especially dumb thing to do for years. Let's not even talk about playing Navy every year which no other major powers want any part of. Throw in BC, a ND home game being played in Boston, where the bye occurs this year, and the lack of balancing the schedule, something Moose used to harp on in his many years at ND. The schedule was one of the few things about the football program that he did control and he did it very well. Too bad Jack Swarbuck can't channel his sprit for some advice. Strength of schedule is always talked about, but as this year and most recent years showed, winning is all that matters.

anOSU channels the SEC by declaring they won't play Navy
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