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by gadomer (2015-01-15 18:18:30)
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  In reply to: Should Meyer and Saban be scrutinized  posted by Carroll02

There is the tinge of racism because of his interracial marriage. When you realize the SEC did not hire a black head football coach until 2004 (Sylvester Croom), it does make one wonder. This is not something recent. This is something that has been going on for awhile. Charlie has been the co-ordinator that has been asked; when are you going to get a head coaching job? The follow-up; why are you not getting a head coaching job?
An aside, while we were getting beat up by John Saunders et al. over firing Willingham, the very same folks said little about the SEC hiring a black head coach.

Charlie has been on my radar since his days at South Carolina. If you want to see the respect Charlie has had with his players, watch the end of the Louisville-Florida game. The Florida players came up to Charlie after the game and paid their respects. It was pretty weird watching that. I felt bad for Muschamp.

As for the QB stuff, I just want to vent over the inane logic that Charlie only won because of Bridgewater. I am not convinced Smith, Dalton, and yes, Stafford are top 10 NFL QBs. I think Bridgewater is also outside the top 10. They are certainly not top 5. I have to admit I really like Andrew Luck. I would rate him much closer to 5 than 10.

Meyer and Saban should be scrutinized but not because of Tebow, McCarron, and McElroy.



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