I'm an equities guy and not a bond guy but I believe that if
by dillon76 (2015-01-16 12:07:23)
Edited on 2015-01-16 12:19:31
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  In reply to: Aren't the rates set by underwriters, very late in game?  posted by NJDoubleDomer

you have a Triple A credit rating, you can basically dictate to the underwriters what interest rate you are willing to pay. Also, I'll say this...everything is connected. By this I mean that the bottomline is indirectly connected to the success of the FB team on the field. If our ND finance guys are sharp, and I believe that they are, I am sure that they were watching that fiasco at Michigan this year. I hope our decision makers at ND were watching it too. But if our bottomline remains the same whether the team is 8-5 or 13-0, I fear that they will care more about that than maintaining a winning FB tradition at ND.


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