But he actually lines up inline and blocks...
by karmel (2015-01-16 13:48:08)
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  In reply to: Looks like a WR *  posted by oldirishfan

Little different from people saying Boykin should move to TE or Robinson should have. Jones actually plays on the line and is accustomed to it and is building on a frame that is a TE frame that is ultra-athletic. Robinson and Boykin are big WRs who are just big WRs. Asking them to go into the trenches doesn't make sense. Lot easier to move a guy like Jones out on the edge from time to time to get a crazy matchup. I don't wanna see Robinson having to block a guy like Trumbetti, Okwara or Rochell. Yea sure you'd love to see a LB try to cover him but at that point...just keep him at WR.


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