He was also 84 and dying of cancer
by bluengold07 (2015-01-16 14:20:44)
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  In reply to: Paterno's own grand jury testimony admits he knew  posted by Molly Maguires

And I'm going to preface this by again saying -- I always hated him and Penn State.

My belief is that he did not know what was described to him, nor did he know how to respond.

His biggest flaw was not retiring 12 years before he did. He was out of it the last five - seven years.

But to think that he would allow kids to get repeatedly raped just to save an old assistant coach is absurd. It goes against everything he did and stood for for fifty years there. And I understand that 99% of you never liked him, and I understand why. But to think that he would knowingly allow that shit to go on makes zero sense on any level.


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