Sandusky's acts were purely criminal, but PSU's weren't
by ShermanOaksND (2015-01-16 14:35:14)
Edited on 2015-01-16 14:36:06
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  In reply to: Because it was a criminal matter - The NCAA had no  posted by bluengold07

Penn State's conduct then was no different in character than Florida State's acts to conceal and scuttle the rape charges against Jameis Winston. Sandusky's crimes, and Winston's, aren't themselves NCAA matters. But when the school takes such great lengths to subvert the process of justice, for the overriding purpose of maintaining the school's competitive advantage in football and spare it from potentially program-wrecking embarrassment, that most certainly is an NCAA matter. It also is a criminal matter, but that alone obviously doesn't take it outside the NCAA's jurisdiction.

The original penalties were correct, and the NCAA's present caving is outrageous.


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