If this had happened to a different guy, we might be slower
by Bruno95 (2015-01-16 16:19:52)
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  In reply to: Well I made the handle when I was 14  posted by Bluengold07

to think he had done something wrong. Because he hadn't established himself as a first-rate creep and asshole, day after day, for the past 50 years.

Here, the evidence was enough, but it was also consistent with his manifest megalomania. "Why would Frank Beamer/Hayden Fry/LaVell Edwards, after being told of an inappropriate sexual act between Sandusky and a little boy, in his own shower rooms, turn the other way," we might shake our heads and ask. "This is so unlike him. He was an excellent coach, but not at that cost."

Paterno was an excellent coach, but at any cost. He was a fraud, as despicable a man as has ever worked in this sport. The facts of this case made perfect sense.


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