They asked - he gave a BS answer.
by domer4 (2015-01-17 11:43:48)
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Here's the question and answer at his intro press conference Dec 30. He knew exactly what he was saying eight years ago - Michigan's football admissions is a joke - and its undergraduate admissions is FAR less competitive than Stanford - particularly for instate Michigan high school students.

Q: There were some comments you made a few years ago, critical of the academics here at Michigan and how things were handled. How has that changed in your mind? Are you going to be instrumental in any further change moving forward and how might your stance on that have changed over the years?

COACH HARBAUGH: That's a good question. That was another thing that I didn't understand at the time and didn't fully understand and made the mistake of not knowing that you don't compare things. You don't compare, especially you don't compare great to great.

And that's what I did, and that was a mistake. I've since learned that you don't compare, compare one thing to another or one person to another or two great institutions compared to each other, because somebody always gets diminished when you do that. So that's another lesson I have learned since eight years ago.


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