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by JClarke (2015-01-19 10:44:38)
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A member of a fan club buying a home shopping network bracelet for her boyfriend is analogous to Reggie Bush driving around campus in a $75K BMW with a 2 carat diamond in his ear? There was rampant corruption on the USC campus that the Head Coach had to have known about.

Among the report’s findings concerning Bush, the NCAA detailed 18 specific instances of violations by the running back and his family. Based largely on the relationship with several marketing agents, the violations included multiple cash payments, a house for Bush’s parents, an automobile outfitted with rims and a stereo system, airfare, hotel stays, limousine service, meals, auto repairs, clothing, furniture and appliances.
The report indicates that Bush and Mayo were able to engage in rule-breaking at least in part because of USC’s negligence, which included lack of staffing in the area of compliance, lax regulation on the sidelines and in the locker room, and, in at least one instance, a rebuke of running backs coach Todd McNair, who the NCAA cited for lying during the investigation.

Said the report, “[McNair] knew or should have known that [Bush] and [New Era Sports marketing agents] were engaged in violations that negatively affected [Bush’s] amateurism status. The assistant football coach provided false and misleading information to the enforcement staff concerning his knowledge of [the marketing agents’] activity and also violated NCAA legislation by signing a document certifying that he had no knowledge of NCAA violations.”
The report also condemned the star treatment afforded to Bush and Mayo, saying USC's oversight of its top athletes ran contrary to the fundamental principles of amateur sports.

"Elite athletes in high profile sports with obvious great future earnings potential may see themselves as something apart from other student-athletes and the general student population," the NCAA report said. "Institutions need to assure that their treatment on campus does not feed into such a perception."


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