Ehh..not sure I agree.
by karmel (2015-01-19 12:04:56)
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Fact - there are usually 1 or 2 5-Star rated players per position vs maybe 5-10 4-stars and a ton of 3-star recruits. So...does it make sense to charge after a handful of players that you have a low percentage of bringing in or spend time recruiting a player who fits what you want or need to a T and would be enamored with an offer from the likes of ND and more likely to commit and sign?

For example, TJ Jones > Will Fuller > Jaylon Guyton. These 3 look and play almost identically. They fit a profile and a need in this offense. Of course BK didn't recruit TJ but he fit the position.

Then guys like Theo Riddick > Amir Carlisle > CJ Sanders. Again 3-4 star recruits that fit a need. Amir's tranfer certainly was a blessing but we could've possibly seen Prosise played more, also a 3-star recruit.

NOW...if you find a 5-star Jaylon Smith or a Stephon Tuitt or Manti or a Greg Bryant that has interest, yes you recruit the heck of them. But if Jimmy Clausen came out now and showed interest in ND would BK recruit him? Probably but does he fit..of course not. So you probably push for a Wimbush to commit and maybe Jimmy looks elsewhere. Hate to say that cause I liked Jimmy but I just don't see BK adjusting his offense to a pure-pocket like JC. So, you keep recruiting.

Its easy to say you'll have more success with 4-5 star guys because they've gotten the notoriety and will be given more opps. Yet, you look at the NFL's best right now...there's a ton of 3-star guys and below so its certainly not a big margin.

The only thing that used to desire 4-5 star recruits more was perception. Since perception led to better rankings in the polls, you needed to look good to have a shot. Now, the playoff nullifies that a lot.

Now, just get players and coach em up. If a guy like Soso Jamambo fits your style perfectly, sure...go for em. But not just because he's a 5-star guy.


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