The number is accurate
by Carroll02 (2015-01-19 14:55:08)
Edited on 2015-01-19 15:08:01
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  In reply to: I don't think that's an accurate number.  posted by rkellyatrecess

I said more would open up with decommitments. I am aware of the situation you and Jvan speak of, but I consider it bad form to call him out by name when nothing is certain.

It doesn't matter if Williams, Russell or Daniels do not need spots before summer. They need spots in the fall if they are going to play. I counted Russell in the 79 because he would be in his fourth year. Williams may be academically a Senior but I listed him among the 5th years. I listed Daniels separately because he has been silent. Therefore they are all accounted for.

And while statistically there is likely to be another medical redshirt, I accounted for the one we know of. It would be wise to shoot for 88 or so, knowing there will be some casualties. But the number as it stands today is 79.


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