Yeah, but we'll still miss him. (highlights)
by Skip Encarnacion (2015-01-19 20:56:47)
Edited on 2015-01-19 20:59:07
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  In reply to: 2nd round talent. So far, a 7th round head.  posted by seanfl

He'd have been our best wideout. Fuller has top shelf speed but he's not the pass catcher or athlete that Daniels is. Robinson has some unique skills, too, but I think Daniels is pretty close to a complete package at WR (he lacks the elite speed and has made some poor decisions off the field).

Daniels also had Tom Rees throwing to him last year. He would have put up monster numbers with Golson this season, I have little doubt of that. If he's projecting as a 5th rounder now, which isn't a stretch imo, where would he have gone pre suspension? 2nd or 3rd? Hard to say, of course, but it's not like we've had many WRs go in the top 3 rounds lately.

Mute the highlights.


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