Selfishly, as a fan, I like the rule the way it is.
by rockmcd (2019-01-09 12:00:55)

In reply to: Is this the time where the NFL rule gets challenged?  posted by El Kabong

A big reason why college football is great is the offseason storylines. As a fan you get to circle a game on the calendar, hoping for payback against the player who got the best of your team last season, and each season begins with recognizable stars. College basketball used to be great when you were allowed to hate or grudgingly respect guys like Ralph Sampson, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Laettner & Hurley, etc. Nowadays, nobody knows these guys until March Madness, and as soon as they make a name for themselves they're gone, then you start the next season with renewed apathy.

But college football still has that appeal. Having Heisman winners like Leinart, Winston, and Tebow trying to defend both their individual Heisman and their team's championship, pulling some rabbits out of their asses along the way but then ultimately failing in dramatic fashion, has made the sport incredibly interesting.

Whether that's fair or exploitative to the individual players is valid question. I'm just speaking selfishly as a fan that I hope the 3 year requirement doesn't go away.