David vs. 3 Goliaths
by eddysorin (2019-01-09 13:47:48)

In reply to: Is this the time where the NFL rule gets challenged?  posted by El Kabong

College players and their families are up against 3 powerful foes:

1. The NCAA , which wants to enjoy the fruits of its indentured labor for as long as possible

2. The NFL, which wants to appease/maintain its “minor league franchises”, and also doesn’t want unprepared young players with “potential” cluttering already razor-thin 53-man rosters; and

3. NFL players, who want to maximize the already short duration of their playing careers, and delay competition from lower cost youngsters

Even though it is not part of the NFL’s labor agreement (as KeoughCharles05 points out below), the NFLPA has an interest in the status quo.

Across the table are the kids and their families – individually weak, transitory, and poorly funded.

The parties of interest that could emerge to bring more balance of power are new leagues like XFL 2.0, and powerful agents like Tom Condon.

One could see Lawrence’s agent – whoever that will be – being less than happy at missing out on 10% of the marginal economics generated by two extra career years if Lawrence was drafted in 2019 vs. 2021.

Ultimately, however, the agents are just that – “agents” for the players. And the pool of players in the NFL at any given time has a vested interest in delaying eligibility.

The much more credible leadership of Oliver Luck notwithstanding, I don’t see the XFL becoming a huge commercial success. The combination of sub-par training/coaching, likely low pay, exposure to injury, and the possibility of retribution at the NFL level will deter the best players.

The only college players who would take that as an option are either marginal draftees, or in real near-term financial need. It will remain an option for those players who, for one reason or another, can’t be part of a college program.