Playing devil’s advocate on number 1,
by smithwick (2019-01-09 17:04:48)

In reply to: David vs. 3 Goliaths  posted by eddysorin

I don’t think the NCAA cares what the rules are. So the NFL and NBA both remove their barriers to entry and allow kids to go pro when they want. Do you think that will affect college basketball or football’s popularity? I don’t. People aren’t generally tuning into college sports to watch the games played at their highest level with the best talent. If that was the case, I’d go watch the G League instead of college basketball; all of those teams would wipe the floor with 99% of college teams. They watch because they feel allegiance to their schools of choice whether that be because they’re alumni or some other reason. If the players had so much value, you’d see a minor league in either basketball or football gain traction. But they don’t because you’re not watching CFB to see Trevor Lawrence or Tua Tagavailoa, you’re watching to see Clemson versus Alabama.