It actually does the opposite. You're making a kid stay
by MistakenD (2019-01-09 17:28:41)
Edited on 2019-01-09 17:33:10

In reply to: I agree with you that it does protect other interests.  posted by cards86

and play for virtually free while risking injury. His other option is to sit and endure public ridicule.

It will be this way until the rule is changed.

It protects the short term and long term profit interests of college football. And that is it. Don't believe me? Watch people lose their shit if you suggest cutting college football back to 9 game seasons...for the long-term interest of the college football players.

Guys get hurt to varying degrees in the NFL regardless of age. This notion that sweet, sweet 19 year old children must be protected from 22 year old savages needs to expelled.

You are not alone, but anyone arguing that the 3 year rule is for the players is not be honest with themselves.