As I said
by KeoughCharles05 (2019-01-10 10:57:50)
Edited on 2019-01-10 11:03:57

In reply to: Yeah, getting a 350k scholarship to ND  posted by Cards86

I hate the comparison to slavery. I'm not making a direct comparison of slavery.

I'm comparing your paternalistic mindset that you know better than these adults about what's in their best interests, and therefore think it's appropriate to restrict their ability to freely perform labor because you've made the determination that they're not ready for it yet.

That's some real hubris there.

If the scholarships offered by schools are such good values, then they shouldn't have anything to fear from other groups offering to pay the players money directly. And why shouldn't the players be the ones that get to make that choice? Because you don't think they're capable of doing so.