the tuition presumes that is what it would cost the player
by jt (2019-01-10 11:32:28)

In reply to: That tuition is the sticker cost, not ND's marginal cost.  posted by tdiddy07

which is misleading in a variety of ways, as really only the wealthiest pay full sticker cost.

The argument was made that these kids should basically just shut up and appreciate the value of what they're getting, and the 350k number is often thrown about as the "value" of what they're getting. I'm saying that the schools benefit an awful lot more than the players in these scenarios and that the cost isn't really 350k to ND nor would it be 350k to the player, though I agree that many/most of these players wouldn't gain acceptance to ND based on their high school transcripts/test scores/etc. (though would also argue that ND's demand would be lower without it's historical draw in football).