Nelson was even better
by jt (2019-01-10 13:52:13)

In reply to: How we didn't win anything with him and Nelson  posted by Profkid93

holy shit, that guy's tape was unbelievable. I recall a play against Georgia when he was in a slide pro to his left (so, B gap left side of the line) and Georgia brought a Pirate blitz from the right off the slot (DE and DT crash in, OLB rushes C gap, slot corner blitzes in B gap). If Nelson hadn't done anything, nobody would have blamed him; Georgia had the right defense called and our qb slid the protection the wrong way (GA probably had a scout that said that we like to slide away from our rb).

Instead, Nelson has his head on a swivel, sees the nickel blitz from the slot through B gap, and comes off and just crushes the dude and Wimbush gets the pass off. Holy shit, that is just impressive stuff. That is NFL all-pro type of stuff and he's completely changed the mentality there on the line in Indy.

Now, McGlinchey is a stud as well, don't get me wrong. He had a downfield block this year against the Raiders that only a freak of nature could do--basically led the rb 50 yards downfield. He had a great year, was a great pick, and hopefully will anchor that line for years to come. But Nelson is just a freak of nature once in a generation type of kid--like the Rocket Ismail of guards.