The contract runs 2014-2037
by Boston Domer (2019-01-10 15:05:14)

In reply to: Why does Wake have MFN status and Miami not?  posted by El Kabong

Over the entirety of the deal, ND plays the 14 schools 8 or 9 times each.

ND plays Duke, Georgia Tech, NC State, North Carolina, Virginia, and Virginia Tech only 8 times (4 home and 4 away).

ND plays Boston College, Florida State, Miami, and Wake Forest 9 times with ND getting the extra home game.

ND plays Clemson, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse 9 times with those schools getting the extra home game.

If I were to notice a pattern, it looks like the original tobacco road ACC teams play us slightly less, while we play the old Big East teams slightly more often.