That's not particularly instructive,
by WilfordBrimley (2019-01-10 15:21:36)
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In reply to: Georgia's 2019 schedule through Sept. 30 is remarkable.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

and Murray State is the only real dreg in that slate. Arkansas State has been a decent G5 program for a while now.

Their cross-over games are Auburn and Texas A&M; they have another OOC game against Georgia Tech; and they still have their SEC East slate, which while not the grind that the SEC West is, will have two or three top 25 teams. It'll be one of the ten hardest schedules in college football next year.

Look at their schedule following that bye:
@ Tennessee
South Carolina
Florida (Jacksonville)
@ Auburn
Texas A&M
@ Georgia Tech

That's five teams that finished in Sagarin's final top 30 in an eight game stretch, plus two traditional rivals (one Tier 1, another Tier 2) on the road.