the LG, C, RG, and LT slide one gap to their left
by jt (2019-01-11 10:05:25)
Edited on 2019-01-11 10:09:07

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and are responsible for that gap if anyone comes through it and they do not chase a man; that's why in the video the guy talks about Nelson "looking for a looper." The RT is responsible for #2 on the LOS (5 technique usually, but can be a 7 or a 9 depending) and the back is helping outside to inside (probably should be vice versa but he doesn't pick up the blitzing safety and either way he's fucked in this scenario).

That's a 4 man slide. In a 3 man slide, the center "turns" the protection and slides in a direction with half of the line (guard and tackle to the side he turns it to) and the other side of the ball is in man protection--guard has #1 man on the line of scrimmage, tackle has #2 and they follow them wherever (preferably working as a tandem to pass guys off if there's loops/stunts/whatever). In a 6 man protection the back will be responsible to either get # 3 LOS or the backer at depth, usually inside to outside first (in other words, if both guys go, he takes the guy with the shortest route to the qb). In a 5 man protection the back is hot if one of those guys blitz.

That's why the qb and center identify the MLB pre-snap. Depending on the protection called they're either sliding to or away from him and it lets the back know where to go.