Joe ended the season for a great Oilers team..
by TWO (2019-01-11 13:38:21)

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in Houston to boot. He rallied the Chiefs in the 2nd half against a pretty good Oiler defense coached by legendary Buddy Ryan who had earlier in he season gone after OCoord Kevin Gilbride on Nat'l TV because he hated what the Run'shoot Oilers offense did to his defense.

I was really conflicted about the game, it was a fun Oiler team that I thought might make it to the Super Bowl, but then I really loved what Joe did on the field.

Sadly Joe's magic ran out in the cold at Buffalo.


HOUSTON — It was a day Joe Montana was to be broken at the hands of the unfeeling Houston Oilers.

But when the fighting stopped, the hands raised triumphantly were his.

The legend was supposed to end, but the legend only grew. Montana rallied the Kansas City Chiefs to 28 second-half points Sunday in defeating the Houston Oilers, 28-20, in the AFC semifinals.

Their 11-game winning streak having disappeared, the Oilers sought comfort in the supernatural.

"Amazing, just amazing," safety Bubba McDowell said. "It's almost like Joe Montana's got magic. Seriously. How does he do it? I mean, how does he do it?"

How, indeed? That question was left for Montana to savor after he threw three touchdown passes in the final 26 minutes to bring the Chiefs to within one game of their first Super Bowl in 24 years.