You can't get a NC without the things that you mentioned...
by ndgenius (2019-01-11 15:36:51)

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In the BCS/Playoff era (20 years) there has been only 1 national champion north of Oklahoma (Ohio State - twice) and if you remove Oklahoma from 2000, they're all basically south of Atlanta.

Translation, it's awfully darn hard to win a national championship in a cold-weather city. Look at the success of Chip Kelly at many titles did he win? Now they can barely score on Michigan State.

If we're in the playoff conversation every year, that means we're recruiting at a high level and competing at a high level. That means we're closer to being an elite QB away from winning a National Championship and even then, it's still an uphill battle from the recruits that consistently stay in the south.

It's why fans feel so strongly about conferences (and why they continually complain about ND's lack of one)...conference or division titles are attainable year in and year out but National Champions are going to be reserved for the South in the forseeable future.