Who is this responding to?
by tdiddy07 (2019-01-11 16:13:30)
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The original poster didn't mention things. I'm having trouble understanding the ultimate point you're making.

Oregon has never had an elite program and has never been able to attract elite talent (because of the first point largely, along with lack of fertile close and natural recruiting ground). The success of Chip Kelly demonstrates that the most important factor is having great coaching.

And the 10 years prior to the BCS era featured 7 national champions north of Oklahoma among 12 total shares (including split titles). And 4 in the prior 10 years. Almost all of that is the random distribution of when great coaches led programs. Now, the distribution of talent in the south makes it easier for southern schools to attract great coaches. But great players are going to play for great coaches in cold climates over good coaches in warmer climates. And tier 1 schools committed to hiring great coaches have access to plenty of talent to win a championship.