I have spoken to John a few times
by KnightlyRevue (2019-01-11 16:19:15)

In reply to: John Heisler was "let go"?  posted by bluengold07

since I graduated in 1996 as I had an interest in Athletic Admin as I was nearing the end of graduate school. Though I did not end up pursuing that career path, I always encountered a professional person willing to point me in the right direction, help where he could, and indulge my questions.

I found him an exceptionally decent and good person who went out of his way to help an alum who had crazy ideas about joining an SID desk. John even offered to introduce me to the director of the ND intern program, pass my resume along and back my candidacy. He did not know me outside of our 4-6 phone conversations.

Lady glasses can go shit in a hat. He has no honor and if what El K writes is true the manner they did it is deplorable. ND continues to underwhelm in the way they treat people and do their business. Beyond disappointing.