I recall reading that JS makes double what any other AD...
by Scoop80 (2019-01-11 16:30:52)

In reply to: John Heisler was "let go"?  posted by bluengold07

makes. IIRC, he's around $3mm while the other highest-paid ADs are in the $1.5mm range. I believe that LeBlanc is a little under $1.5mm at Duke.

Admittedly, other AD's lack the weather forecasting, paint selection/application, and sartorial selection skills that our AD has. Not every steward of what was once the most iconic FB program can ride the coattails of MLB's most iconic franchise the way that JS did in November.

The one absolute truth that can be uttered about JS is that he makes me dislike LeBlanc a little less w/ each day that JS spends in this job.