It's about goals and expectations.
by LocalSubAlum (2019-01-11 18:07:24)

In reply to: You can't get a NC without the things that you mentioned...  posted by ndgenius

A team will never win a national championship if it's goals and expectations are anything less. I am reminded of the time in the early eighties when Digger Phelps said, "Our goal this year, as it is every year, is to win twenty games and get to the NCAA tournament."

As much as I have always liked Digger, that statement pissed me off. I thought to myself, "There you go, you dumb ass. That is why you will never win a national championship! You are satisfied with simply making it to the tournament rather than making it your goal to win it!"

Vince Lombardi put it another way, "When you strive for perfection, you achieve excellence."

Setting low goals means easily met expectations. Low expectations is the bar that has been set by Soreprick and the administration.