A story from an Army football player from 1966-1967
by OldIrishFan (2019-01-12 08:54:15)

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Army had a good season in 1966 finishing 8-2. They were considering breaking their longstanding policy of not going to a Bowl game that year. Ultimately they stayed home. A guy was developing a book many years later on the season and the subject. He had interviewed numerous players and coaches and had established close relationships with many. Feinstein caught wind of the project after the guy had spent hundreds of hours on the project. He took the research and turned it into a short documentary that CBS turned into a 15 minute segment at an Army-Navy game in the late 90s. He didn’t credit the guy for anything. Feinstein is not well thought of by the Army guys. The project died on the vine after that. Feinstein is a tool alright