Question about star ratings of 2019 class
by austindomer (2019-02-04 17:22:53)

There were a couple of posts last week about some positive movement in the star ratings of our 2019 recruits. Specifically, Jack Kiser was supposedly upgraded to a 4-star recruit and Kyle Hamilton was given a 5th star, making him our one and only elite prospect in the 2019 class.

Both posts referenced articles on

However, I checked back today and both are still listed as 3 and 4 star recruits, respectively:

Is there a reason for this delay? I ask because it galls me that ND is sitting outside the top ten after a pretty damn good regular season and so I keep checking back to see if the upgrades have moved us up a few slots. I mean, I expect to be behind Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and OSU. But Michigan? Texas A&M? Oregon? PENN STATE (for Pete's sake)?