depending on the cost...
by DavidAddison (2019-02-05 13:46:30)

In reply to: There is a poster on my son's door  posted by bigjinx74

ND and other schools would just do what ND and Under Armour do and show a generic ND player wearing the number of the current year, as in 19 this year.

And jerseys at the bookstore don't have names on the backs so they are generic ND football jerseys, just some years certain numbers are produced more and sell better than others.

As for a different post about video games, again, unless it's cheap/cost effective, nobody is gonna bother doing the NCAA game, and they'll just stick with the NFL. (By the way, I've never understood why they don't do a generic NCAA game and let players set up their own team...choose their own roster numbers on the field, etc. For your favorite team you could take 15 minutes to basically have your current team set up and on the field, while the software was "shipped" with no likenesses whatsoever).