So, where does ND fit into this?
by Notra_Dahm (2019-02-06 08:33:27)

In reply to: interesting article on college football recruiting  posted by jt

Putting aside that ND is not a Power 5 school, and shouldn't be in that graphic . . . ND falls near the middle of the pack in the number of offers issued (1457)*. We are near peer schools (academically) such as UVA and Duke. They mention that Northwestern and Stanford are at the bottom because they can't just hand out offers like candy. So,is ND handing out "uncommittable" offers? Or just getting turned down alot, in favor of the home state teams, or due to academic fails?

* You can hover over the bar graph and see all of the school (there are three schools, weirdly, in each bar grouping, but only one school (the middle) one, named on the left border.