There never was a pipeline
by dignan (2019-02-06 16:51:04)

In reply to: We’re back baby!  posted by mitquinn

Landri and Aaron Taylor are the only DLS guys to play at ND I believe.

I played at DLS in the late Holtz years. Our coaches embraced ND. Our O line coach worshipped Joe Moore, and coached like him. These were men of a certain age, however, that grew up in an era when ND was the premiere program. For the kids on my team, it seemed ND was already starting to come off the pedestal. Typical California kids- very PAC 10 centric. Hell, one of my teammates was being recruited by Nebraska, and that seemed like a bigger deal than an ND overture would have been. And, this was on the heels of Holtz's dominant 6 year run. I can only imagine we're an afterthought in most current DLS players' minds. Can't see it ever being a Pipeline for us.