There are a couple.
by TWO (2019-02-07 13:28:14)

In reply to: Name a NC in the last 50 yrs that didn't have a great coach  posted by NJDoubleDomer

1990 Bill McCartney of Colorado and Bobby Ross of Ga.Tech split the Nat'l Title. They were good coaches but I wouldn't put them in the category of great coaches.

1981 Danny Ford of Clemson another good coach (cheater as well) but not a great coach.

1997 Michigan ...Lloyd Carr another good coach but I'd hesitate to call Lloyd Carr a great coach.

I'm sure there are others, but I guess it's pretty subjective on who is a great coach. Right now it's easy, Dabo, Saban, and Urban Meyer are clearly a notch above everybody else and it shows when you start counting Nat'l Titles.