Believe whatever you want
by Jvan (2019-02-08 17:40:20)

In reply to: There is zero proof for this  posted by mocopdx

I've talked to people in the recruiting services who admit they inflate ratings of Notre Dame recruits in order to sell subscriptions and increase page views.

The linked article talks about preseason polls vs. actual performance, which is another aspect of the same issue. Various publications overrate Notre Dame in the preseason for the same rea$on$ that the recruiting services employ.

A while back, a poster looked at the bust rate of our five and high four star recruits, and determined that ND is particularly unlucky in getting them to live up to expectations. He concluded they were overrated to begin with. Most here agreed.

Does all of this constitute absolute proof? We're not in court here and it's not a criminal conspiracy to overrate recruits, so I'm not compelled to respond further to your chest puffing about proof. It walks, quacks, and looks like a duck, so I'll continue to say it's a duck.