The reported definition says that fleeing an order to stop
by tdiddy07 (2019-02-11 13:37:36)

In reply to: Two charges and no event?  posted by goldhelmethead

is an offense. It is possible to have a lawful order to stop based on probable cause where it turned out the guy did nothing wrong.

But it certainly should be a red flag if no further charge was made. For instance, no public intox or underage consumption or possession (if he hasn't turned 21 yet as a junior) charges were made. I also don't know what the public intox rules are if you're on ND's campus.

But you can't just order someone to stop for no good reason or because they look vaguely suspicious. You're welcome to try to confront them and ask questions, but they have no obligation to volunteer their answers or to stop and listen. And the refusal to volunteer answers or to stop and listen is not probable cause for any crime that could warrant a lawful order to stop.