One thing on which we all need to be crystal clear
by El Kabong (2019-12-01 17:42:16)

This popped up in a sub-thread below, and with all the seeing and not seeing due to ignored posters and whatnot, I'm putting this in its own thread so there are no misunderstandings. Let me start by saying I don't believe this applies to any more than a minuscule amount of heretofore undiscovered people, but it needs to be said anyway.

This site has always been about more than the ND athletic teams, which is one of the reasons we named it and not or or whatever. Because of that expanded focus, people's feelings about the University as a whole can (and often does) inform their positions on athletic-related topics.

Regardless of those feelings, however, we who run this site want nothing but success for the student athletes and their classmates who watch them. We want them to have the best so they can be the best, and the thrill of victory is always preferred over the agony of defeat.

So to that end, we do not countenance on any of our boards under any circumstances any hopes that any of ND's teams achieve anything less than the best. There is no viable or acceptable purpose to wanting ND's teams to lose, and there certainly is no end that justifies the means of expressing such a ludicrous position in public. Not being as excited as one would usually be is one thing, and reasonable minds can argue the validity or lack thereof. But the excitement should register, because if it doesn't, you're wasting your time.

Therefore, the expression of any such desire here will result in the expressor's immediate launch. No exceptions.


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