True. It is also why you can't extrapolate them to all
by btd (2020-06-12 19:14:35)

In reply to: University of Houston Administration has their head..,  posted by LAW83

Just because one school is beyond stupid, doesn't mean every other school is beyond stupid.

Also, we need to follow what happens overall at Houston going forward.

- Does this 6 turn into 46, etc?
- Did they catch this quickly (something not possible in January) and it stops at these 6?
- Do any of these 6 people require hospitalization -- or do they simply get sick and quickly recover? For that matter, are these 6 really even all sick or did they test positive and didn't even know they were sick?

- Does anyone else not on the team get COVID from one of these 6 people?

This is critical. Why? Because if the answer is no, then it proves my point that each college campus is a self contained biosphere that is far better controlled than the general public can be controlled. Each school can lock down the "4 corners" of the campus, enforce PPE within the campus for workers much like a hospital would, and in effect make it very hard for COVID to leave the campus or spread within it.

If the answer is yes, then we have to see if they are equally stupid -- allowing players to leave campus, etc or if they were smart and my theory is wrong.