Their numbers are bolstered by our performance....
by Marine Domer (2022-09-30 15:35:46)

In reply to: Cal(76th) is 50 spots better than UNC and only 18 behind ND  posted by cujays96

I think Marshall was the only really unforgivable sin so far this season. The team played a tough game on the road against an elite OSU team. Had them on the ropes. I think the game plan was solid overall, although there were some second half flaws.

The Cal game was a weak effort on offense, especially the first half, but perhaps a learning/turning point, despite Rees' stubborn and flat our stupid play calling the first quarter against UNC. The second half against UNC was a thing of beauty, marred only by the Estime fumble, and the stupid QB sneak on 4th and goal.

Marshall was just a shit show from beginning to end. Indefensible. But hopefully we've moved on from that. The team could easily have fallen apart, but has not so far.