Two things are true about this ridiculous conspiracy
by gordonbombay (2022-10-03 10:46:11)
Edited on 2022-10-03 10:46:48

In reply to: Yes. Good article debunking the controversy  posted by dulac89

- Every single Notre Dame football game is officiated by a conference with a financial incentive for ND to lose. Every single freaking one. (This is doubly true after we started 0-2, thereby all but guaranteeing any bowl bid we get will come at the expense of an ACC school.) No one has ever come up with an adequate explanation to square that inarguable reality with the idea that we get all these calls as the result of some grand plan.

- If for some reason the ACC refs WERE going to screw our opponents to help us out, they'd be a hell of a lot smarter about it than making up easily debunked offsides calls against them.