For what it's worth
by buffaloirish (2022-11-28 14:33:03)

In reply to: Keon Keeley would have really changed the outlook here  posted by irishaddict

I heard someone (in a position to know) mention last week that Keeley's senior season has not been as spectacular as some anticipated. In particular, that he has not been the physical force that everyone saw earlier in his HS career, and that several coaching staffs (including ND's) have cooled on him. I have not seen the kid play, but it was mentioned that opponents have been running directly at him to neutralize his speed and exploit his (lack of) physicality this year.

Of course, there many explanations (sour grapes from coaching staffs who did not prevail in the chase for his commitment, Keeley taking his foot off the gas with his future secured, opposing coaches scheming against him, etc.).