I agree. Future is right
by Erasmus (2022-11-28 15:41:38)

In reply to: A couple of thoughts  posted by KeoughCharles05

For #2 I think ND had wrong personnel pre snap but not sure. I do know however that as ball was snapped the entire SC defense moved toward direction of the play. That is why I think counters would have been effective. Also, other than play where Pyne checked down to Esme, Pyne never did same to with Tyree and SC linebacker who was 6'6" and 200 lbs. Don't understand why except Rees's limitations as a play caller.

You are right about Pyne and doing a check down on jet sweep. But IMO Rees should not have made that call on 3rd down for reasons noted above.

I'm not a coach, but I remember what Holtz did to Florida St in '93. He kept running counters. And Fla St had Charlie Ward and all the speed in the world. Derrick Brooks, their AA MLB, was a non-factor.

You are right about Williams' scrambling behind line of scrimmage. What I don't understand is why ND secondary was 15 yds off receivers when Williams would scramble and then throw downfield.

The no calls were terrible on holding. When Utah beat SC earlier the refs made multiple calls against SC. The SC fans were livid after the game. But SC has had many penalties all season. Against ND they were no penalties until SC had sealed the victory.

Freeman understands ND tradition. ND will never do what SC did with the portal, but the SCOTUS antitrust decision against NCAA will help ND. Notre Dame has greater national name recognition and marketing stature than any other school in the country. And Freeman knows this and will continue to use this in his recruiting.

The future is bright.