I don't entirely agree with your synopsis of his staff-build
by MrE (2022-11-28 15:46:17)
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Although I do think his citing of recruiting being a critical coaching skill (work ethic?) is reasonable since the industry is college football.

He also mentioned teaching ability and appreciating ND as the other key attributes, if I recall correctly.

But the TE, Special Teams, RB, and obviously OL coaches...I don't think of them as necessarily recruiters/sales reps, at least not primary.

He inherited O'Leary (terrible recruiting track record), Mickens, Rees.

And Golden would seem to be a wet dream profile-wise - experience on both sides of the ball - the last 35 years spent as a Penn State TE, DC at Virginia, HC twice, NFL positional coach experience on both sides of ball. Freeman singled Golden out for being someone he can lean on to provide "I've been there" advice, the type of guidance apparently his OC turned down.