Kelly did not leave ND better than he found it.
by OITLinebacker (2022-11-28 16:34:52)

In reply to: ND got more than it deserved this year.  posted by Bruno95

He was given talent enough to win 8-10 games, a somewhat difficult schedule, solid upper-tier facilities, and a friendly AD. He left with the talent to win 8-10 games, a much more watered-down schedule, solid upper-tier facilities, and that same clueless AD.

He allegedly brought stability (and vacated wins) but functionally was only *marginally* better than the three previous failed head coaches.

Freeman needs 2-3 years of being able to haul in top 5 classes in order to raise the ceiling (and the floor) for this program.

I believe this season is the floor. Kelly managed to go much lower than this for his floor. I believe Coach Freeman can pull this program up off this floor and begin to climb.

The next steps are to close out this recruiting class in the top 5/10, navigate transfers (in and out), and use the bowl game (and practices) to jumpstart next year.