Your opinion is not popular here. But it is 100% correct.
by NDQuebec (2022-11-28 17:47:51)

In reply to: Are you on drugs?  posted by ND74KJS

I don't care for Kelly but any analyst worth his salt will admit that he left Notre Dame in a much much better place than when he inherited it. He left it with the team you see today, which is not a bad team at all. The one exception is at QB, the most important position on the team. Freeman and Rees should have gone to the portal during the off-season to get a good QB. You know, like Kelly did with Coan and at LSU with Daniels. Put Daniels on this team and you are in the playoffs. Apparently, Freeman opted not to go to the portal so as to not rock the boat in his first year as head coach.

So yes, you are right. I do not know of a single Notre Dame analyst or beat reporter that will say anything different. Even Bryan Driskel on Irish Breakdown recognizes that he left Notre Dame football in a much better place than when he began his tenure. And that is saying a lot because Driskel hates Kelly with a passion and does not hide it at all.