It’s obviously coaching.
by NDMike2001 (2022-11-29 08:54:02)

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I think a case could have been made a few games ago. But you cannot convince me that Kollie (or Sneed) was incapable of a few snaps where our LB was making a relatively undisguised blitz into an OL.

Or CB was perfectly willing to let Mickey get roasted on man coverage throughout the season. Presumably in hopes that he’d turn a corner. I’m not sure why Kollie (or any other young LB for that matter) was not given the same opportunity.

I am inclined to agree
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If all you are going to do is Blitz Bertrand and Liufau into the OL, and essentially play with 9, why not play Kollie, perhaps he could get through, and then put Sneed in as a spy on Williams. He was faster than any of the guys out there in the front 7 and had the size to bring Williams down.