Maybe. IMO that was Pyne dealing with Rees as best he could
by Erasmus (2022-11-29 16:57:14)

In reply to: I liked his response after Rees’ on camera yelling.  posted by Giggity_Giggity

I agree with you that was a classy response on Pyne's part. But from all I read about Pyne he is dedicated, hardworking and respected by teammates.

Pyne's first start against Cal was a disaster. Three straight three and outs. He was nervous. So, what does Tommy do? He screams at Pyne when he puts headset on after returning to bench. IMO Pyne is smart and responds best to quiet criticism. Supposedly he is the ideal Ivy Q-back. Yelling at him, as Rees did, is not going to help calm his nerves.